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Clone Alone is the 30th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series. It debuted on YTV at 8:45am (EST) on 5 August 2017, following My Pop Is Tops.


Flint accidentally makes a clone of himself, and to his shock, his clone becomes more popular than him.


Clint (Resize)

The episode begins with an overtired Flint finishing his Banana Replicator, an invention he created instead of going to the store to buy more bananas. When he goes to power down the machine, he falls asleep on the scanner, creating a banana-like copy of himself.

The next morning, Sam awakens Flint and the two head to school. Flint is made fun of for wearing the same outfit every day and for bringing bananas to school (Gil screams that he is potassium intolerant). Flint leaves dejectedly as his clone slides through the front door, declaring "I am banana."

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The kids in the school immediately take a liking to the clone, and Brent declares that the "cooler Flint" should be named Clint. Even Sam considers Clint to be charming, and Principal Shelbourne declares that since the school has a one-Lockwood policy that Clint should stay and Flint should leave.


Flint watches from outside the school as Clint is elected prom king, prom queen, student body treasurer, president of all extracurricular activities - including the Science Club. Flint takes Clint back to the lab, but Brent arrives to invite Clint to join the popular kids. Flint shoves Clint into the "bad ideas closet," paints himself yellow, and pretends to be Clint. When Brent sets off fireworks under the bleachers with his farts, Flint realizes being popular wasn't as cool as he thought. Sam agrees until Brent invites Clint to a lookout tower so high they can "lick the clouds." When Brent rejects Sam, she paints herself orange and says "I am kumquat," which Brent finds amusing, calling Sam's "clone" K-Sam.

Back at the lab, Clint uses a chainsaw to break out of the closet and confronts Flint and Sam at the top of the cannery. Unfortunately he slips on himself and slides off the roof into Steve's mouth. Sam and Flint agree not to pretend to be someone else just to be cool.


  • The title and the image of this episode is a reference to the movie Home Alone.
  • Clint's ability to solely say the phrase "I am banana" may be a reference to the Guardians of the Galaxy character Groot, whose only spoken phrase is "I am Groot."