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Clock-a-Doodle-Doom is the 12th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


To battle his inability to wake up in the morning, Flint combines an alarm with rooster DNA to create the ultimate alarm clock.


Flint wakes up shortly before his 7:35am alarm goes off, triggering a Rube Goldberg machine that smashes the alarm clock. Tim Lockwood comes in and reminds Flint he's going to be late. Flint drops him down a trapdoor before yawning and checking his watch, which now reads 8:25. He catapults himself through a clothesline and into Cannery High, where the mayor reprimands him for being late. Flint explains that he stays up all night inventing ways to wake himself up on time, but is too tired and sleeps through those alarms, creating a vicious cycle of sleeplessness.

The mayor gives Flint a 20% taste of his Total Shutdown Angry Principal Face before sending Flint to class, where he learns he missed dance parties, pony rides, and water slides in the first ten minutes of school. Flint tests a series of alarms, videotaping the effects on his sleeping dad, which grow increasingly more painful and dangerous.

Flint breaks the fourth wall and scrolls back earlier in the episode to a comment the mayor made about "hearing the rooster crow." He invents a robotic rooster alarm clock, but it interrupts his dream of being a recognized inventor at 11:55pm. He returns to his dream but is awoken 5 minutes later by his alarm. Annoyed, he drops the alarm out the window, where it strolls around town and awakens everyone else, interrupting their dreams (Earl dreams of Cal growing up to be a cop, Brent dreams of figure-skating with a gender-swapped version of himself, and Sam dreams of being a talk show host interviewing a cloud).

The next day, Flint is still late, but everyone else is later, having been kept awake all night from Flint's rooster alarm. The mayor uses the full power of his Total Shutdown Angry Principal Face, shooting lasers out of his eyes and causing the alarm to explode.


  • The destruction of the rooster alarm bears striking resemblance to the climax of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, with Flint insisting he and Sam look away while Gil witnesses his dad's true power.