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Who’s hungry?! Welcome, tourists, to Chewandswallow!
— Mayor Shelbourne

The Grand Opening of Chewandswallow was an event in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


Swallow Falls had fallen on hard times when the general public stopped eating sardines because they were "super gross." When Flint Lockwood's latest invention, the FLDSMDFR, rained food from the sky, Mayor Shelbourne planned to completely revitalize the town, remodeling most of the buildings around Sardine Circle and renaming the town "Chewandswallow."

Weathergirl Sam Sparks, whose broadcasts of food-based weather forecasts rocketed Swallow Falls to worldwide fame, invited everyone watching to come to the opening ceremony.

Opening Ceremony and Spaghetti Twister[]

Mount Leftovers

The day of the ceremony, thousands of people "from as far as China to West Virginia"[1] arrived via cruise ship to Swallow Falls. The Mayor lavishly invited tourists to enjoy the Nacho Cheese hot springs, a completely unsupervised Kid Zone, and the view of the sunset cresting over Mount Leftovers. After listing the activities available to visitors, the mayor introduced the town's hero (and the mayor's "metaphorical son") Flint Lockwood, who was given the honor of cutting the ceremonial ribbon (a task usually performed by Baby Brent).

Unfortunately, after cutting the ribbon, the sky darkened, filled with Ratbirds fleeing to safety. A salt-and-pepper wind blew slices of oregano into Flint's face before the swirling gusts created a massive Spaghetti Twister. Locals and tourists alike began to panic as the tornado tore through the town, sucking people, cars, and entire houses into the vortex.

Flint fled the scene, rushing to his lab to turn off the FLDSMDFR. Meanwhile, Sam's warnings of the severity of the storm were ignored - instead Weather News Network host Patrick Patrickson mocked Sam for wearing glasses and a Jell-O scrunchy.


After the tornado had cleared, Sam and her friend Manny helped the townspeople and tourists recover. Manny helped Earl Devereaux's son Cal recover from a food coma. Despite the relieving lack of casualties, Sam warned the twister was only an "amuse bouche" compared to what was on the way. She and Manny hacked into the Weather News Network's broadcast so Sam could warn the world of the catastrophic food weather that would impact the entire globe.

Swallow Falls never recovered from the destruction wrought by the spaghetti twister and the subsequent Foodalanche. Most residents of Swallow Falls relocated to San Franjose during cleanup efforts from Live Corp, which due to the events of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 was never completed.



  • In a deleted scene, Earl is sucked into the spaghetti twister while trying to rescue Cal.