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Food base Cheeseburger
Animal/lifeform base Spider
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Foodimal Jungle
An eight-legged monster! The normally docile cheeseburger, when melded with French fries, becomes a towering, formidable opponent that shoots cheesewebs! Sticky mess!

Cheespiders are one of the most dangerous Foodimals, and are the catalyst that Chester V uses to convince Flint to shut down the FLDSMDFR.

The Cheespider resembles a spider with red sesame seed eyes, a lettuce tongue with mustard underneath and legs made of French fries. Infant Cheesespiders are spawned from liquid cheese created by the FLDSMDFR.

The Cheespider has the ability to produce melted cheese, which it can use to create webs to trap unsuspecting prey. Similar to a spider's thread, the Cheespider can produce two different types of cheese: a springy, elastic webbing that can be easily cut through, or a sticky substance that can ensnare its prey.

Cheespiders are adaptable, teaching themselves to swim in order to escape the threat of Chester V's Thinkquanauts. Despite their ferocity, they make loyal companions.


  • Cheespiders may make cow-like vocals, probably because the cheese is made of milk and the patty is made of beef.
  • A Cheespider web is a cloth system, coated with particles and blobs that are melted together[1].
  • Cheespiders were nearly the first Foodimal produced by the FLDSMDFR[2].
  • An early version of a Cheespider is seen on the loading screen for the PSP game.


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