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The Celebrationator was an invention created by Flint Lockwood to make celebrations simple, colorful, and portable.

Being a tightly compressed plastic box, it contains pressurized confetti and paint. When the red button is hit, it will explode and spray the surrounding area with its contents.


Flint created the Celebrationator to celebrate his dad's birthday. Flint trained Steve for manual detonation whenever Flint says the word "celebrate". He submitted the idea for consideration for the Live Corp Vesting Ceremony, but was not selected as the winning inventor. Unfortunately, when Flint lamented that there was "no reason to celebrate," Steve activated the machine, spraying paint and confetti everywhere and embarrassing Flint in front of his hero, Chester V, as well as on national television.

During his confrontation with Chester in the Live Corp Factory, Sam Sparks realized Flint could use the Celebrationator to find the real Chester V amongst all his holograms. With Steve's help, Flint was able to save his friends and the hijacked FLDSMDFR.

After the creation of Sparkswood, Flint began to sell his inventions, including the Celebrationator, via television advertisements. It was priced at $25.95 (plus shipping and handling) with a 30-day money back guarantee. It could be ordered by calling 1-555-PAR-TYYY.