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Calvin "Cal" Devereaux is the son of Earl Devereaux and his relationship with his father acts as a foil for Flint's relationship with his dad. He is a supporting protagonist.


Cal is an 8-year old[1] boy who wears a black parka and red shoes. His diminuitive size contrasts with his desire to be treated like a "big kid."[2]


Cal is a kid who wants to be seen as older than he really is, spraying chocolate frosting to look like chest hair in an attempt to appear more mature.[3] Like most kids his age, he wants the freedom of a "grown-up," but has not yet developed the self-restraint or responsibility of one, indulging himself on sweets until he enters a food coma.


Cal is the young son of Swallow Falls’s town cop Earl and his wife, Regina. Earl and Regina love Cal so much they don’t want to put any restrictions on him, especially when it comes to how much of Flint Lockwood’s delicious food-weather Cal should eat.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs[]

Cal Cheeseburger

In a show of affection, Earl requests an ice cream snow day for Cal's birthday. Earl openly expresses his love for Cal, which Cal nonchalantly brushes off with a cheerful "I know, Dad. You tell me every day." He invites Flint to join him in a snowball fight.

Cal Jellybeans

At the grand reopening of Chewandswallow, Cal engorges on jellybeans with other kids, getting a sugar high that resulted in a bellyache and sugar crash by the time the spaghetti twister blew through the square. His indulgences left him in a food coma, which is subsequently broken by Sam's cameraman Manny via celery.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2[]

Cal appears briefly in the cupcake shop where Earl works in San Franjose, insisting he come along to Swallow Falls. When Earl tells Cal he can't come until he's gotten his first chest hair, Cal shows him a swirl of chocolate frosting on his chest, briefly fooling his dad. When Earl leaves, Cal casually reapplies the chocolate "chest hair" and zips up his hoodie.

Video Game[]

In the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs video game, Cal contacts Flint about rescuing himself and his friends from ice cream blizzards. All three levels take place in the Ice Cream Tundra and require the use of the Hot Enougher. He is also seen in Flint's yard at the beginning of Act VII.


  • In a deleted scene, Cal is sucked into the spaghetti twister with Earl.
  • In a deleted scene, Cal created a decoy so he could sneak out to play: a basketball with a Kaiser helmet dubbed "German Basketball-faced Kid."[2]
    • "Not everyone got this bit - I think it made our bosses' heads explode." -Director Phil Lord

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