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Food base Butter
Animal/lifeform base Toad
Diet Carnivore (Mosquitoasts)
Habitat Breakfast Bog
— The Buttoads

Buttoads are Foodimals that appear in the Breakfast Bog. While their primary meal is Mosquitoast, the Mosquitoast will feed on them as well. Once bitten by the Mosquitoast, they melt.


Buttertoad looks like a small yellow toad. It does not have any real limbs, as it only has little bits as it's upper limbs, and it does not have any hind limbs apparently. It's mouth is gigantic, as it opens up to it's torso, and their eyes are little black dots that are not inside them.


The Buttoad seems very relaxed, as it seems to not interact with much of the people or the other Foodimals, execpt for the Mosquitoasts, which they eat.

Also, they do not seem mad when the mosquitoasts make them melt


  • The sound made by the Buttoad is a reference to 1970s television commercials for the margarine brand Parkay.
  • Although it appears for less than a minute, Buttoad is very popular among fans

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