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Brentonium is the 3nd episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 55th episode in the series overall. This precedes Penguipocalypse and its YTV debut was 7 April 2018.


Flint helps Brent with his science project, inadvertently inventing a cool new element in the process.


In this episode, it takes place in Science Project Day, as both Flint and Sam are super excited. During class, Sam presents an ant farm with a self-contained weather system, which Earl insists Cal would love (mixing up "ant" with "aunt"). Then, Flint presents a Sardine Sweat Extractor, which disgusts Earl, however, Flint gets an ultimate passing grade despite Earl being disgusted on that project. Gil presents a ventriloquist doll of his father, and lastly, Brent presents a "tall hole," which Earl forces Brent to lose and suffer a large defeat.

Sam pities Brent and convinces Flint to help Brent with his science project. As a result, Flint quickly reworks the tall hole to erupt with a mysterious pink substance, which Brent names "Brentonium", causing his grade to be changed. As such, the town immediately finds several uses for the material, including consumption, and Brent takes the credit for its invention.

Brentonium Nerds

The mayor begins to heavily market and sell Brentonium, to Flint's chagrin. Flint decides that if Brent wants credit for a scientific discovery, he will get more credit than he can handle. Flint and Sam dress up as stereotypical nerds and follow Brent around school, hailing him as their nerdy hero.

In the near end, Brent finally admits that Flint invented Brentonium, just as the townspeople suffer negative side effects from the material. Brent suffers a plethora of side effects (while Manny narrates) and the townspeople chase Flint and Sam around the town as the episode ends.


"In layman's terms, I smooshed it all. I smooshed it together." --Flint Lockwood