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Brent Bro is the 30th episode of season 2 of Cloudy:the series. It is the 82nd episode overall.


When Flint and Brent suspect their parents are dating, Brent takes Flint under his wing.


Sam is painting a cloud in her bedroom when Flint bursts in and asks her a question about love. After clarifying that the question is not related to the two of them together, Flint launches into his backstory.

Flint was testing the Flint Lockwood Kite Retriever. When it ran amok, Flint stumbled across Tim with a woman his age. Flint tailed them and witnessed Tim giving the woman a box of chocolates.

In the present, Sam teases Flint about the possibility of having another adult in the house (one who kisses his dad). Flint is disgusted.

Tim and Brenda

Later, Flint is spying on Tim and the woman when Brent appears and tells him that the woman is his mom Brenda, that she cooks the best tortellini with marshmallows, wrestled in high school, and butchers her own pork chops. Brent is thrilled at the idea of him and Flint being stepbrothers, while Flint is appalled by the idea.

Sam insists Flint talk to his dad about his feelings on the matter. Flint asks what it would look like if a friend fell in love and Tim responds with a fishing metaphor. Flint asks about "sardine kisses" and Tim responds positively, so Flint rushes out of the room, embarrassed.

Sardine Kisses

At school, Brent defends his "stepbro" from the other mascots, throwing them into a locker when they call Flint a nerd. Brent allows Flint to use his personal tailor and tells Flint he can eat whatever he wants (even other people's food). The two of them have a fun day at the carnival and Flint calls Brent "stepbro" back.

Flint returns to the tackle shop and tells his dad that he's accepted Tim's love for Brenda. Tim is surprised, saying that he barely knows Brenda and that "sardine kisses" are chocolates. Flint breaks the news to Brent, who throws a tantrum in the school halls. Flint asks if they can just be friends and Brent refuses.

At the end of the episode, Flint's Kite Retriever chops down a tree, which nearly lands on Brenda. Tim saves her and the two begin to flirt.