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Breakfast Bog

The Breakfast Bog is one of the regions of the transformed Swallow Falls in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. It consists of breakfast ingredients and has a bog-like environment with fog and maple syrup swamps. Its landscape includes giant pillars of bacon, hash brown islets, stacks of giant pancakes, cereal swamp patches, and pancake lily pads. It is known to be inhabited by Butttoads and Mosquitoasts.


The Breakfast Bog was originally a cove on the northern side of the island known as Swallow Cove. Flint had to traverse this bog using the FLFJTPM in order to reach Big Rock Candy Mountain and the FLDSMDFR.

In this bog, Chester V uses the buzzing Mosquitoast as proof that Foodimals are vicious creatures that feel no love. Sam thinks the Foodimals should be studied, while Chester believes they should be eliminated, and Sam confronts Flint about this dilemma. Flint decides to continue following Chester, so Sam angrily stomps away, Flint dramatically calling after her before it's revealed that the sticky surface is slowing Sam's movement and she actually hasn't gotten that far away.


  • The bog was originally going to consist of peanut butter instead of syrup.