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Food Base Blueberry
Animal/Lifeform Base Humans
Diet Unknown
Habitat unknown

Blueberries are sentient, anthropomorphic blueberries who appear to be friends with Strawberries.

Physical Apperance

Their body is a Blueberry, with giant Blue eyes, they have blue root-like arms and legs, the upper part of their head acts like a hair.

Role in the Movie

They first appear stalking Flint, Sam, Brent, Steve, Earl and Manny, along Strawberry, Kiwi, Fruit Cockatiel, Leek and Carrot and hiding behind a giant Lettuce (because Sam was carrying Barry inside of her backpack). They also appear when Barry tries to explain to Flint, that their friends were kidnapped acting like the Thinknaughts while holding a lantern. They also appear near the end of the film, when Earl lets drop his tear (because "this would make a man cry, any man including this", refering Flint returning the FLDSMDFR to Rock Candy Mountain), the tear makes the Blueberry growing muscles and facial hair, making him looking more tough. And they last appear in the end of the credits when Flint uses one like a Bowling Ball againist a bunch of Fruit Cockatiel.

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