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Big Rock Candy Mountain is Flint and company's final destination in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 and the home of the FLDSMDFR. It has a rocky, transluscent exterior that continues through its candy crystal interior.

The FLDSMDFR rests in a pool atop a crystalline stalagmite, connected via bioluminescent vines reminiscent of the Tron-like design of Flint's lab to the rest of Swallow Falls's Foodimal ecosystem. The stalagmites protrude far above a deep body of water, which connects to the rest of the island via rivers.

A peppermint cloud swirls above, the same storm that Sam predicted was the cause of the Mosquitoast's increased ferocity.


In contrast to the Meat-a-Roid from the first film, the FLDSMDFR has made itself at home in the repurposed Mount Mackerel. Flint and Chester V arrive at the mountain's cave entrance, guided by the FLFJTPM, which Flint loses after nearly falling into a chasm. Balancing on a path of stalagmites, Flint reaches the center to find the still-functioning FLDSMDFR. He plans to plug in the BSUSB and shut down the machine, but the FLDSMDFR produces several adorable Marshmallows, which tickle Flint and show no malice. Flint begins to question whether the FLDSMDFR's mutated food is as bad as Chester claimed, but Chester forced the BSUSB into the machine, revealing the plan was never to shut down the machine - Live Corp planned to use the FLDSMDFR to produce food bars.

In an act of betrayal, and in order to keep Live Corp's secrets, Chester pushes Flint into the chasm, where Flint lands in the river far below.


  • Its name is a reference to "Big Rock Candy Mountain", a bluegrass song by Harry McClintock.



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