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The Bifurcating Systematic Universal Stop Button (BSUSB) is an invention developed by Live Corp Thinkquanauts, used to reprogram the FLDSMDFR to force it to produce Foodimals for processing into Food Bars.


The BSUSB was designed to resemble a light bulb, reminiscent of Live Corp's logo. The connector is a dark gray with a case that resembles the screw cap of a lightbulb, while the case is bright orange and designed to resemble an incandescent bulb.


BSUSB Takeover

Chester V provided Flint with the BSUSB after tasking him with finding the FLDSMDFR. He lied to Flint about the purpose of the device, explaining that it would destroy the machine and its creations.

When Flint reached the FLDSMDFR and realized that it and the Foodimals it created were not dangerous, Chester V plugged the BSUSB into the machine, reprogramming it for use in Operation Slice and Dice. He mocked Flint by emphasizing that the acronym BS-USB was an obvious indicator of his deceit.

After freeing the FLDSMDFR from the Live Corp Factory, the BSUSB was scrapped, and the machine returned to making more Foodimals.


  • In population ecology (the study of the dynamics of species populations), Hopf bifurcations can be used to qualitatively describe patterns of extinction.[1] "Bifurcating" could be a subtle nod to Chester V's plan to eliminate the Foodimals.
  • Flint also uses the phrase "bifurcating" when using the Chopper-er in the video game, since "bifurcating" can be used to describe something splitting into two parts.
  • USB most commonly stands for "Universal Serial Bus," an industry standard for data exchange and for connecting peripherals to computers.[2]
  • BSUSB may be interpreted as Bulls**t Universal Serial Bus, making it the subject of jokes.