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Best Invention Ever! is the 18th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


After hearing Flint brag about sleep-inventing the best invention ever, the Mayor sees it as a money-making opportunity.


Flint dreams of the greatest invention ever: standing atop a circle intersected by a line, he is lauded by Old Rick rowing a meteor, a two-headed alien Earl, and Sam as a beluga whale before the structure crumbles and Flint is awoken from his dream. He quickly doodles the figure and immediately shows it to Tim Lockwood, Earl Devereax, and Sam. He tells the mayor his idea is worth a "squintillion and one" dollars.

Sam asks Flint to explain his idea, but he is interrupted by the mayor, who announces (using an excessive amount of air quotes) that Flint would announce his idea at 4 o' clock in the town square. With only ten minutes to spare, Flint freaks out about not being to remember his dream, so Sam dresses up as a psychiatrist and uses a Rorschach test to try and get Flint to remember his invention.

The mayor destroys the cannery live on TV to show his dedication to Flint's idea, and Flint throws the TV out the window (to the horror of the Remote Controlled Television). At the town square, Flint tries to make up an invention, which the townspeople don't accept. Tim offers chocolate milk and grape soda to Flint as consolation, which reminds Flint of the idea for his invention - a glass that holds two different types of drink.

Flint drinks the chocolate milk and grape soda at the same time and realizes that his invention was a terrible idea and that he destroyed the town for a terrible idea. When he tries to talk to Mayor Shelbourne, the mayor turns into a lizard and the floor becomes quicksand, revealing the whole thing was a dream. Flint awakens to a doodle of a circle intersected with two lines, which he proclaims as the new greatest invention ever before Beluga Sam cautions him not to get his hopes up.

Flint comments how the "dream within a dream" trope is overdone before turning into a dolphin and joining Beluga Sam for sushi with Albert Einstein.


  • Remote Control TV made a cameo appearance.

Memorable Quote[]

Gil: "I'm going to buy my father's love."

Mayor Shelbourne: "There's not enough money in the world, son."