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Barry the Strawberry is a living strawberry Foodimal and a major character in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.

Barry is the ambassador of the new world created by Flint's machine. All he wants to do is show them this beautiful world. He is a beacon of positivity and innocence. He has all the traits of a cute and lovable character from a design perspective: big eyes and a cute voice and bouncy, fun movement. What’s not to love?
— Pete Nash, Animation Director


Barry is a large anthropomorphic strawberry with big round green eyes, a small cutesy mouth, and tiny arms and legs made of leaves. The sprout and Barry's head is large and leafy, resembling a hairstyle.


Barry is an adorable, child-like strawberry with lots of energy. Barry, like the other Foodimals, idolizes Flint Lockwood ("N-woo"). His boundless energy can be troublesome, such as when he ate the BSUSB. He can be cunning and resourceful, shown during his rivalry with a Pickle camper at Earl Devereaux's survival camping program as well as using charades to communicate with Flint.

Barry can speak very few English words, mainly names. He can translate English into a language the Foodimals can understand, but struggles with pronunciation of English words or names.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2[]

Barry appears in a hexagonal box in the Live Corp bunker in Swallow Falls. Upon meeting Flint, he clings to his ankle, which Sam finds endearing while Flint finds it unnerving. When Sam tries to convince Flint not to be frightened of Barry, Barry snatches the BSUSB and eats it whole. Upon catching him, Sam stores Barry in her backpack until he "passes" the BSUSB when threatened by Barb's knife.

Despite being told to run home, Barry follows Sam and Flint, reuniting with Sam (who he affectionately calls "Saspa"). He even tried to rescue Sam from the Thinkquanauts after discovering Chester V's plan, but was restrained by other strawberries. Instead, he used charades to explain the situation to Flint, and together they rallied the rest of the Foodimals to help Flint infiltrate the Live Corp factory.

Inside the factory, Barry freed the other Foodimals and started a "food fight" with Thinkquanauts, spitting jam into their faces.[1] When one retreated and abandoned her suit, Barry commandeered it and used it to help bring Chester V to justice. Having defeated Chester, Barry returns with Flint and friends to restore the FLDSMDFR.



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