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Bacon Girl is the 4th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the Series.


Flint invents a way to make sardines taste like bacon so Sam can eat one without gagging, but Flint's invention has a few bacon-related side-effects.


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Sam Sparks clearly dislikes sardines - she gags at the sight of them during her broadcasts, which proves to be a major problem in a school and town so centered on sardines. Mayor Shelbourne tasks her with trying sardine-flavored cheese live on television, which she instinctively spits out. Flint creates the Flint Lockwood Flavor Transmogrifier or "FLYLOFTRA," and tests it by making pickles taste like nuts for squirrels.


Flint tries bacon for the first time and agrees to make sardines taste like bacon. However, the squirrel that ate the nut-flavored pickle is shown to turn into a nut itself. After Sam successfully reports on the sardine-flavored cheese, she enters the bathroom where a classmate tells her she smells amazing. Sam looks in the mirror and realizes her face is now a strip of bacon! Sam pulls Flint into the bathroom, where he comments on the scented soap and the lack of sticky floors before a sizzling Sam tells him to find an antidote.


While the townspeople are irresistibly drawn to Sam's savory smell, Flint discovers the solution is for Sam to eat a sardine. Flint reveals he added a smidge of pizza flavor, resulting in Sam sprouting pizza slices from her backside.


"Who knew? Not me, clearly." --Flint Lockwood