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Baby Talk is the 10th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 62nd episode in the series overall. This aired after Brent Hog Day, both debuted 21 April 2018 on YTV.


When Flint creates an invention to make Earl believe his son, Cal, can talk, Earl goes overboard showing off his genius baby.


Earl puts Flint, Sam, and the other students through a rigorous exercise regimen. Flint wishes there was a way to distract Earl from giving them more exercise, and Sam says the only way that would happen is if Cal began to talk. Flint leaps into a bush and invents the Flint Lockwood Talk Back Baby Talk Modulator (FLTBBTM), a pacifier that acts as a speaker to Flint's microphone - when Flint speaks, Cal "talks."

Flint makes Cal say "dada," and Earl is so overjoyed that his son can speak that he decides to quit school to focus on raising Cal. When Sam asks why he would quit teaching over Cal saying "dada," Earl reveals that Cal had spent the previous evening correctly answering high-level questions about geography and science.

Flint and Sam try to tell Earl the truth, but Earl reveals he has sold his house and forced his wife to give up her boxing dreams because he is banking on the success of a live TV broadcast of his genius son.

But when Brent compares himself to Cal, Earl realizes that pushing his child to be a star would lead him down a path of becoming lazy and gluttonous like Brent. He cancels the show and faces the consequences of his recklessness (a deduction in pay from the mayor and the wrath of his wife). Flint and Sam eventually tell Earl the truth, and as Earl forces them to run laps as punishment, Cal says his first word: "daddy."


  • There is also a Rugrats episode with the same name of this episode, although the Rugrats reboot existed way before than the TV series of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.