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Baby Brent Sitter is the 8th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint and Sam baby-sit so they can buy a new board game, but when Brent hires them as his baby sitter they have to decide whether the humiliation is worth the reward.


Sam and Flint are watching TV when an advertisement for "Weather: The Board Game" comes on. Flint is unimpressed until the announcer says the game contains components for weather-related inventions. Tim refuses to give them the $49.95 to buy the game, saying "there's weather outside for free." While admiring the game from the shop window, they overhear a woman lamenting not having a babysitter. After a brief visit to the Mayor's play, they decide to become babysitters, with Flint plastering posters with the Flint Lockwood Plaster Blaster.

Earl is the first to return their call, but after vetting the two of them to see if they'd make good babysitters, he rejects their offer. After going door-to-door (just at Earl's door), Flint gets a call and immediately refuses. Sam steals the phone from Flint and accepts the job, which turns out to be babysitting Baby Brent. After initially refusing, they gleefully accept after Brent offers the exact amount of cash they need for the game.

They give Brent a bath, burp him after he throws a tantrum, and pull him around in a red wagon. Brent implores the two of them to have a gladiator fight in an arena in the cannery. After Sam wins, Brent gives them the money - where they are told the cash is Baby Brent Bucks, which are useless everywhere except at the Mayor's play.


  • A show version of Brent's commercial is shown in this episode.


"A game that combines my love of weather with my thirst for competition? I gotta have it!" --Sam Sparks