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Baby Brent Sardines was the prime sardine franchise of Swallow Falls and the largest source of income on the island. The company's official mascot was Baby Brent, who was depicted on packaging in a diaper, a tipped-over wagon full of sardines behind him.


Baby Brent Sardine logo

The company's official logo and mascot, Baby Brent.

During its early years, the company enjoyed much success and brought financial security to Swallow Falls and the rest of the world. Their mascot, Baby Brent, became a town icon and celebrity.

However, sardines became considered "super gross" by the world, bringing forth a tremendous decrease in popularity of sardines worldwide.

Due to this, the company lost business, and later shut down permanently, forcing the residents of the island to eat the unwanted sardines that have been around the island for years as they could no longer afford to eat anything else, due to the severity of their recession.

The cannery fell into disrepair after its closure, with haphazard galvanized-steel panels and wooden bracing keeping the building standing over the years.


The Baby Brent Sardine Cannery is a dilapidated building just west of the docks. In the video game, the cannery is still in operation with a skeleton crew of workers. When the food produced by the FLDSMDFR becomes sentient, it takes the workers and Tim Lockwood hostage, and Flint must rescue them.

Later, to power the Flying Car II, Flint returns to the cannery to search for "pure carbs" as fuel. Elevators and conveyor belts inside are still running, but walkways have crumbled and hazards such as chili and Gummy Bears made working in those conditions impossible.


  • The cannery is the largest building in Swallow Falls.
  • Like most canneries, the walls of the Baby Brent Sardine cannery are painted rusty red "to hide all the blood that splashed on them."[1]


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