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Baby Brent Sardines cannery.

Baby Brent Sardines was the prime sardine franchise of Swallow Falls and the largest source of income on the island. The company's official mascot was Baby Brent, whose infantile cuteness greatly helped with sells and popularity.


The company's official logo and mascot, Baby Brent.

During its early years, the company enjoyed much success and brought financial security to Swallow Falls and the rest of the world. Their mascot, Baby Brent, became a town icon and celebrity.

However, as critics claimed, sardines became considered super gross by the world, with almost everyone in the world realizing how foul they were and bringing forth a tremendous decrease in popularity of sardines worldwide.

Eventually, the company lost business, and later shut down permanently, bringing forth a Sardine Depression, forcing the residents of the island to eat the unwanted sardines that have been around the island for years as they could no longer afford to eat anything else, due to the severity of their recession.


  • The cannery itself was destroyed by the FLDSMDFR when it became sentient and started up the Food Hurricane.
  • According to Flint Lockwood, the following products that were sold before the depression were:
    • Poached
    • Fried
    • Boiled
    • Dried
    • Candied
    • Juiced

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