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Baby-Baby Brent is the 40th episode of season 1 of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series.


Brent is furious when Flint and Sam expose that he is no longer a baby.


The Mayor reveals new, slightly larger sardine cans, and brings Brent out as the town's mascot. Sam points out that Baby Brent is not a baby, and Flint and the Mayor both realize the same. The Mayor removes Brent as the town mascot and puts out a call for a new baby mascot.

Brent blames Flint and Sam for his loss but refuses to act grown-up. Flint invents a machine to shrink Brent to baby size. It doesn't de-age Brent, but Flint considers it close enough.

Despite being baby-sized, the mayor decides Cal Devereaux will be the new mascot. Sam volunteers to be Brent's agent, but Brent cannot act as anything other than a baby so does not get any roles. Brent, wanting to be a "big star," makes himself bigger using Flint's invention, which the Mayor sees as the perfect size to promote the new, larger cans.


  • It is confirmed that Brent is 15 from him saying "I have, like, 15 babies' worth of experience.”