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Attack of the 50-Foot Gummi Bear is a short film accompanying Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.


Flint Lockwood, while putting the finishing touches on an invention in his lab, insists to Steve that he likes Gummi Bear in his lab just the same as Steve (despite Gummi Bear lounging in a plush bed while Steve sits in a box of prunes). Flint announces his latest invention is better than the Flint Lockwood Self-Dribbling Electric Basketball he invented before lunch. Flint warns Steve that the ball might be dangerous to Gummi Bear, who mischievously switches it on. Steve tries to stop the ball from going haywire, the force of the dribbling knocking out several teeth.

Flint announces the completions of his invention: the Flint Lockwood Adorably Cute Food Modifying Machine, which transforms gnarly, ugly vegetables into cute and small versions. After an unset amount of time, the food returns to its original size. Flint realizes he's out of "squash and other barfy vegetables" to use to test his invention, so he heads to the farmer's market and places Steve in charge.

As soon as Flint leaves, Gummi Bear changes the dial from Cute and Small to Big and Ugly and zaps himself with the machine. Steve does the same and follows after Gummi Bear to try and catch him. After a slapstick chase through the city, Gummi Bear pins Steve to the ground and threatens to drool into his mouth or eyes. Steve kicks Gummi Bear away, but before Gummi Bear can retaliate again, he shrinks back to normal size. Steve plucks Gummi Bear from the ground and carries him back to the lab.

Steve shrinks back to normal size just as Flint arrives home with the vegetables. He gives Steve a treat for being so responsible: jumbo sized gummy bears.

Steve wakes up from his nightmare, then realizes in relief that he's in his own comfy bed. As he goes back to sleep again, the Big and Ugly Gummi Bear peers in through the window as the short ends.


  • Pickle Garden, the restaurant Flint treats Sam Sparks to a date to in Steve's First Bath, makes a cameo.
  • The Wilhelm Scream is used when Gummi Bear rampages through the town.