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Appreciate This! is the 47th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Frustrated that the town doesn't appreciate the beauty around them, Sam makes Flint invent something to force them to do so.


Cloudy Series Barry Cameo

Flint and Sam watch a beautiful sunset; Sam remarks how amazing it is that the curvature of the earth fragments the wavelengths of light so that only the longest wavelengths (red) are visible, while Flint plays a sunset simulation game on his phone. The rest of Swallow Falls is playing the same game, ignoring dolphins playing in the water.

Flint tries to draw the townspeople's attention to Barry, but they ignore him. Seeing Sam's point, the two decide to invent an Apprecia-sphere to help the townspeople appreciate the world around them. Unfortunately, the townspeople begin to appreciate everything, including smog from the cannery and a show created by Mayor Shelbourne about Mayor Shelbourne.

Their appreciation escalates to the point where they appreciate dumping trash and toxic waste into the ocean. A toxic sludge monster emerges and asks Sam and Flint for a critique of its performance before heading to Hollywood to become a movie monster star.

Realizing that the only other being in Swallow Falls who appreciates the world around them is the sludge monster, Flint reverses his Apprecia-sphere and he and Sam admire the sunset. The sludge monster appears and tells them that Hollywood didn't appreciate him but that he landed a gig spreading environmental awareness in Canadian PSAs.


  • The sludge monster is voiced by Sean Cullen, who also voices Mayor Shelbourne in the show