Apple Pie-thon
Food Base Apple Pie, vanilla ice cream and licorice
Animal/Lifeform Base Python Snake
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Foodimal Jungle

The Apple Pie-thon is an apple pie Foodimal with the characteristics of a python snake.


The Apple Pie-thon, as its name suggests has a slice of crispy apple pie for a head with apple slices for teeth, a cinnamon stick for a tongue, and openings on its flaky crust as eyes. Its body is a giant piece of red licorice (possibly Twizzlers) and on the back of its head it appears to have a whipped cream topping or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In the movie, despite actual python appearences, they have a mint container of Tic-Tacs as a shaker. They also can attack in group of six, joining their heads to atack like a Pie-Shuriken.

Role in the Movie

Along with other Foodimals, hey first appear in the Food Jungle Clear Zone. They also help Flint, Barry and Tim, to modify Tim's Boat to reach Live Corp. One can be seen when the Foodimals broke out of their cells and attacked Live Corp . Six of them attacked Chester V, when he tried to escape with the FLDSMDFR.

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