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And the Winner Is... is the first episode of Cloudy: The Series Season 1.


Flint and Sam flashback to the time when they first met.


The episode begins with Flint showing Sam his trophy collection, consisting of a Schnobel Prize, a Schmulitzer Prize, and a trophy that looks like a plunger covered in feathers, which Flint won at last year's Science Fair. Sam insists that she won the Science Fair, and Flint reminds her that's where the two of them met. Flint insists he won the Science Fair, and the two argue about it for a bit until Flint puts a tape of the Cannery High Science Fair in the Remote Controlled Television.

In the video, Principal Shelbourne announces the Science Fair. Sam and Flint, standing on opposite sides of a crowd, are the only two students excited about science, with Brent grumpily asking, "what did science ever give us?" Flint spots Sam cheering and immediately becomes jealous, thinking the new girl was going to "out-nerd" him. He spitefully invents the Flint Lockwood Enviro-Rocket, which runs on unwanted leftovers, and blasts into the sky.

There, he runs into Sam, who is gliding through the cumulonimbus clouds to track their precipitation. Though initially combatant, Flint and Sam quickly bond over their shared enthusiasm for science. They realize they both have a lot in common - including them both plummeting out of the sky and into Sardine Circle.

Cloudy series tattoo

Flint's "born to science" tattoo

"We're totally going to be friends!" Flint exclaims, but Sam rejects the offer, saying she doesn't "really do the friendship thing." Flint is hurt by the rejection and insists he will win the Science Fair, even showing off his tattoo and saying he was "born to science." He even insisted weather isn't a science, rather a pastime like duck counting, witchcraft, or maintaining an ant farm. The two of them decide not to "do the friendship thing" and storm off in opposite directions.

At home, Flint asks his dad "about a girl" and Tim Lockwood mistakes the issue as a romantic one, delivering and awkward sardine-themed "birds and the bees" talk.

At school, during Earl Devereaux's lecture on his pectorals, Flint slams his Flint Lockwood External Thought Bubbler on Sam's desk and gives a demonstration, accidentally revealing his bum is itchy and he wants to be Sam's friend. Sam responds by revealing a model volcano, which Flint assumes to be baking soda and vinegar until real molten lava blasts into his face. On the football field, while Brent is training school mascots, Flint tests his Flint Lockwood Wind-Powered Sound Machine. Sam responds with a Sound-Powered Wind Machine. The two of them push their inventions closer together to be able to hear each other's retorts over the noise, which creates a massive tornado.

Cloudy series dance duel

Flint challenging the tornado to a dance duel

Mayor Shelbourne is sucked into the tornado, which tears through town. He tells Sam and Flint they're both disqualified unless they fix the tornado, so Sam suggests she and Flint work together. Flint mentioned that Sam didn't want to be friends, but before Sam could answer, Flint's house falls on top of them, so they find themselves in the living room. Flint introduces Sam to Tim Lockwood, who gets nervous and leaps out the window, letting himself be swept away by the wind.

Flint asks why Sam doesn't like him, and Sam reveals that since her family moves a lot, she doesn't like to make friends because she doesn't like to say goodbye when she inevitably leaves. Flint promises to invent the Flint Lockwood Memory Eraser to erase the memories of her time in Swallow Falls so she "won't have anything to miss."

Flint challenges the tornado to a disco dance duel while Sam lowers a disco ball in through the top of the tornado. The reflected light from the sun heats up the tornado's cool core and reverses the wind's flow. Sam asks Flint about the disco outfit and Flint insists it was part of the plan. Mayor Shelbourne arrives to award the first prize to Gil for his butterscotch and squid sardine dipping sauce. Flint and Sam beg the mayor for a prize, so he gives them the decorated plunger.

Back at the lab, Sam realized neither of them won the Science Fair. But Flint insisted that since the mayor said they could use the award for whatever they wanted, he's making it their official friendship award.



"Well, son, when a little fish meets another little fish, they're not, they, um, swim around each other, you know, and they say, 'I like this fish' so they just, life happens, and you know, time goes by, and what? More fish." --Tim Lockwood