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An Alluring Promise is the 29th episode of season 2 of Cloudy: the series. It is the 81st episode in the series overall.


Flint invents a device to help his father end his fishing dry spell, but the special lure ends up attracting people instead of sardines.


Tim experiences a dry spell of fishing, and the local fishermen and the mayor make fun of him for not catching any fish. When Flint offers to help, Tim makes him look him in the eye and promise not to invent anything, telling him fishing is a sacred bond between man, sea, and fish.

Even though he promised his dad not to invent anything, Flint feels bad for his dad being bullied by the mayor and invents the Flint Lockwood Omni-Puller (FLOP), which will draw a selected object towards a special lure. Flint dresses as an octopus and hides his invention in Tim's boat.

Tim finds the lure and tosses it away, but it bounces off a buoy and gets hooked on the back of his hat. When Flint isn't looking, Steve changes the setting to "man" instead of "fish." When the mayor and Gil sail past to ridicule him, the lure makes them instead shower Tim with praise. Around town, the residents of Swallow Falls clamor to hug Tim.

Flint finds Steve and tells him to set the FLOP back to "fish." Steve instead sets it to "duck," then "Ratbird," then "mime," then "Wolf Shark," all while Flint tries to deny his involvement. Flint eventually admits that he wanted to help despite his promise. Tim tells him that if he caught a fish every time, the fish he caught wouldn't be as special, and that a bad day of fishing is better than being chased by creepy mimes. Flint tosses the FLOP lure away, where it lands on Baby Brent and the Wolf Sharks attack him.


  • Flint's promise not to invent anything to help his dad mirrors the scene in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs when he promises he has the situation under control.