Al Roker
Birth name

Albert Lincoln Roker Jr.

Born on

August 20, 1954

Gender Male


Eye color Brown
Role Voice of Patrick Patrickson
Years active 1974-present

Al Roker is a weather forecaster, author, and actor best known as the weatherman for NBC's Today.


In 1974, Al Roker took on his first job as a weather anchor at a CBS-affiliate station in Syracuse, New York. After graduating college, he left for Washington, DC. After taking several more jobs (Mainly in the New York area), he became the weather forecaster for NBC's Today in 1996. He also became the host for Remember This?, a gameshow that aired from 1996 - 1997. He continues today to forecast the weather for the Today show.


  • Al Roker is first cousin to Lenny Kravitz.
  • Al Roker was over 300 pounds, until he received gastric bypass.
  • Remember This? has been the only gameshow aired on MSNBC.